1) This is a voluntary, vouchasafed, non political, non profit environmental organization. It has 4 principles – i) proper education ii) proper service iii) proper activities iv) nature & environment conservation.
2) The main aim of this organization are to conserve carefully extincting animal & plant species, proper afforestation & forest conservation and help in balancing nature by creating unpolluted environment.
3) The main reasons for environmental diseasters are rise of population, hunger, poverty & illiteracy. The organization will keep on the effort to trans mute backward people in creative, conscious. by providing proper education & service.
4) For banishment of poverty of agro based poor society, the organization will exercise on favourable agricultural development, multiuses of agricultural product, agro industries development, proper preservation of agricultural product, creating market price.
5) Economic development of agro based peoples will be carried on by traditional rural homecraft development, use and creating market values.
6) For progress of endangered animals and plant species and to conserve and keep unpolluted the rivers, canals and swamp of riverain bangladesh the organization will establish non government research station, make statistics on wildlife & plants harmed by natural disasters, estabilish veterinary clinic in different places and preservation centre and establishment of orphanages & old house will be the main aim of the organization.
7) The organization is resolutes to oppose in any kind of anti-environment activities.
8) Protection of indigenous peoples & their economic development by involving them in environment favourable activities.
9) Raising consciousness among young people about environment, development of morality & taking realistic step to stop high birth rate.
10) Continuing the effort to form a moral society by stopping early marriage, child torture, female torture and drugs.

Keep Your Environment Fair & Green
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