About Us

Bangladesh is the most problematic poorest country in the third world. For unconsciousness of backword people of bangladesh, the nature and environment of that fertile delta, at the foot of himalayan is now in the way destruction in agro based Bangladesh most of the farmers and farm lobours are deprived of concepts of modern agricultural development. By environmental conservation. As a result the implementation of the national and international policy to conserve environment remain inactive at field level. As an environmental organization we strongly believe that general peoples are main power to conserve the environment of a country. poverty and illiteracy of that majority peoples have kept them unconscious and threat for environment. In that present socio economic condition of the country we want to spread realistic environmental activities quickly as possible. We want social development in education, health, residence and environment of that agro based poor society by favourable agricultural development and agro industries development. The organization is highly committed to keep contact and concern with national international environmental and humanistic voluntary organization, conservation of the moribund animal and plant species and research for increasing their number.

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